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From homes pulling their power from the sun, wind and or hydro power, Solar-OneŽ batteries with HuPŽ (High Utilization Positive) technology have been powering off grid homes for over 19 years. As with many other technological breakthroughs, the original use of these batteries was created in response to another need. Patented in 1982, the original objective was to meet tough new environmental standards. The batteries met these new standards but it was also discovered that the batteries exhibited cycling capabilities well in excess of other conventional batteries. This breakthrough led to the battery being selected to power the Southern California Edison Company's Chino power facility in 1987 which has been proven to be 100% reliable since it went online. Work has continued on the battery to enhance its effectiveness and to develop it into one of the highest performing most cost-effective battery choices available on the market today.

These batteries are ISO-9000 Certified. This means that the manufacturing plants and manufacturing processes involved meet the high international Quality standards.

  • Solar-OneŽ uses a special patented recipe to achieve Even More Extra Life at deeper cycles than the competition
  • Solar-OneŽ uses flip top caps that Reduce Maintenance time.
  • Solar-OneŽ is available in 10 sizes which reduces or in many cases eliminates Unnecessary Paralleling.
  • Solar-OneŽ is the only battery in Renewable Energy that has over 9 square inches of terminal area that allows for Multiple Connections to the battery without the need for expensive terminal blocks.
  • Solar-OneŽ batteries have been in Renewable Energy service for over 20 years yielding an extremely good track record with less than 1% Cell Failure rate.
To back up their quality claims, Solar-OneŽ has an excellent manufacture warranty. If the battery fails to deliver 80% of it's capacity in the first year, any defective cells will be replayed by Enersys including the shipping costs. For the next six, years any defective cells will be replaced by EnerSys, but the consumer will pay the shipping costs. For the last three years of the warranty you will be offered a substantial discount on the purchase of a new Solar-OneŽ battery of equal or greater value.