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The Classic Edge Titanium 360, 560 and 760 HDX outdoor wood furnaces are the most efficient outdoor wood furnace that meets the stringent EPA 2020 Step 2 Certified requirements. They use up to 60% less wood and are cleaner-burning, easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance (usually only a few minutes a week).

The titanium-enhanced stainless steel firebox ensures zero corrosion inside the firebox and is designed to last a lifetime. With features like Easy Refire and the Burn Time Monitor, you can burn any kind of firewood.

The FireStar Controller with onboard wi-fi keeps you informed of your furnace's performance and operation. View operational information and receive text alerts on your smartphone or computer.

Classic Edge HDX Model Features
  1. "Cruise Controller" - The Firestar combustion controller takes all the worry and guesswork out of wood heating by monitoring how the wood is burning and adds air systematically where and when needed.
  2. Easy Refire - saves the coal bed for quick, easy restarts.
  3. Burn Time Monitor - helps to estimate how much wood is left.
  4. Clean Reload- reduces smoke when you open the firebox door to add wood.
  5. Text Alerts - if you want you can receive text alerts to notify you when to add wood.
  6. Durability - the titanium-enhanced stainless steel firebox ensures zero corrosion inside the firebox and can last a lifetime.
  7. Value - use up to 60% less wood when compared to other methods of wood heating.
  8. Innovative Design - the patented air charge tube directs oxygen into the Fusion Combustor and keeps coals from falling into the Reaction Chamber.
  9. Performance - Super-heated gases enter the round chamber of the Afterburner and swirl in a turbulent vortex creating a fireball and allowing enough time for complete combustion to occur.
  10. Clean and Efficient - air control is imperative for the cleanest, most efficient burn. When the fire needs a lot of air (such as during start up or when burning higher moisture wood), Firestar instructs the stepper motors to open the air regulating discs precisely to delivery the amount of air needed. Stepper motors use less power than other air control methods and never need adjustment or replacement due to wear.
  11. Easy Access - an industry exclusive, the patented Vertical Easy View Heat Exchanger with hinged door provides full access without the use of tools. That makes for quick inspections and easy cleaning from outside the firebox while standing on the ground.
  12. Better Heat Extraction - turbulators in the heat exchanger cause turbulence of the exhaust gas flow through the heat exchanger. This forces the heated exhaust to better contact the heat exchanger and transfer more of is energy to the surrounding water jacket before exiting out the chimney.
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