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Our radiant heating control panels are efficient, have a compact design, can be customized to fit your specific needs and simplify your radiant heating installation. All of our panels come pre-assembled on a cabinet grade maple panel, wired, labeled and tested to 100 Psi. We offer three standard panel type that work for many of our customers, designed to heat a well-insulated home or shop. We also offer custom heating control panels to interface with multiple heat sources and/or for larger heat loads (such as larger shops or greenhouses).

For your radiant system, our heating control panels differ first based on the layout of the panel which is designed based on the various designs of your pex circuits and where the manifold locations would be for your specific system.

Standard panels are available for purchase on our website:
Manifold: Single onboard manifold from 2 to 12 loops, with or without zone actuators.
Remote: One or more sets of ports for remote manifolds, with or without zone valves
Single onboard manifold plus one or more sets of ports for remote manifolds.

Standard Panel features:
  • Primary/secondary loop design for the highest efficiency and boiler protection.
  • Delta-T pumps for high efficiency, economy and comfort not possible with single or three-speed pumps. The standard pump includes a display showing watts, GPM and supply and return temperatures.
  • Most panels use a single pump with multiple zone valves or actuators for weight and cost savings while adding durability and longevity. (A second pump from the boiler to the panel may be needed for heat sources that do not have their own built-in pump.)
  • Boiler interface with union ball valves for easy connection.
  • Expansion tank mounted upright and connected by a union ball valve for easy isolation and removal for servicing.
  • Glycol-rated bladder expansion tank (membrane never touches the inside of the tank).
  • Unique bypass valve that allows isolation of onboard manifold, remote manifold(s), boiler and panel for easier purge and fill.
  • Fill ports to fill entire system—including remote manifolds and boiler—from a single location.
  • Cabinet-grade wood panel backing to allow sizing to minimal size possible and easy mounting.
  • Aluminum wall mounts for strength and aesthetics.
  • Clearly labeled components, flow directions and instructions right on the panel.
  • All on-board components pre-wired or clearly labeled for onsite wiring.
  • Installation guide with photos, examples and tips.
  • Library of hundreds of photos for assistance with installation.
  • Copper ProPress fittings for a compact, clean design.
  • Components that match for a pleasing look.
Custom panels:
  • Panels designed specifically for each project.
  • Systems designed with loops in each zone matching flows and head pressures for even comfort.*
  • Manual J Report Package generation.*
  • Ports in the correct orientation to match the installation.
  • Pump(s), fittings, valves, expansion tank, pipe and other components designed to specifically match or exceed the flow rates and head pressures of the building.*
*Will require floor plan, pex layout design, insulation values and other building specifics.

  • Manifold Panels

    One manifold installed on heating control panel for entire radiant system. Choose size of manifold (# of pex loops 2-12), one zone or multiple zones (1-6), boiler interface location (right or left).
  • Remote Manifold Panels

    Multiple manifolds located "remotely" or off the heating control panel. Choose your number of zones (manifolds) and boiler interface location (left or right).
  • Custom Heating Panels

    These panels can provide for multiple heat sources, dual-temperature systems, smaller or larger systems.
All panel types will require selection of panel first based off type of heat source. We recommend an adequately sized boiler as a heat source for a radiant system. Combination Boilers (heat your domestic water and your in-floor radiant water) include an internal pump that not is not included in all other boiler types. Many "heat-only" boilers also include the internal primary pump. An electric boiler will most likely not include a primary pump and will require a secondary pump to be installed on the panel.