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Replacement Parts - Maxim 175 Burner Auger Motor Key Fuse, 3-A, 250V, Lead Free
Burner Auger Motor Key
Our price: $0.35
If you have a Maxim 175 and need a replacement part, please call us at 208-946-5550 to place an order. Burner Auger Motor Key.  (This is the key only and not the Burner Auger Motor.) Replacement Fuse: The 3-A fuse is used for power disconnect on Classic Standard models. Also used if a side draft inducer is installed.

Door Seal Rope, 3/4" priced per foot Inspection Window Gasket, M250/255 Inspection Window Gasket - Maxim
Replacement rope ring for chimneys. Door Seal Rope, 3/4", 1 foot length.

When ordering specify the length in feet. NOTE: Silicone is not included. Rope may be used for door seal or chimney transition box cover seal (each requires a 5-ft section) on a Maxim furnace. Also used on E-Classic 2300 Reaction Chamber door, heat exchanger access cover, and for the Fusion Combustor and insert.
Replacement inspection window gasket for use in Maxim 255 models and in Maxim 250 furnaces after serial # M201723. Inspection Window Gasket for Maxim M250 and Maxim M255 P models.
Burn Chamber Gasket Only - Maxim 255 PE 3/4" Round Pipe Cap Inspection Window Component, 2" x 2" for Maxim s/n M2000002 to M2000063
3/4" Round Pipe Cap
Our price: $3.95
Burn Chamber gasket only for Maxim M255 PE model. 3/4" Round Pipe Cap for Maxim models Inspection Window, 2" x 2" for Maxim M250 and Maxim M255 P models serial numbers M2000002 to M2000063.
Turbulator – M175 Snap Disc, 180°-205°F (High Limit Water Jacket) Snap Disc, 185°-225°F (Back Burn)
Turbulator M175
Our price: $4.24
Maxim M175 replacement turbulator. FB,16GA x 3.25 x 35.5 Replacement snap disc for Classic Edge and and for M255 models with s/n M210447 and earlier.  Snap Disc, 180-205F (High Limit Water Jacket) Replacement snap disc, 185-225F (Back Burn) for Maxim M175, M250, M255 P and for M255
PE with s/n M210448 and later.
1-1/4" Round Pipe Cap Burn Chamber Gasket Only, M175 models Paddle Switch, Auxiliary Auger
1-1/4" Round Pipe Cap
Our price: $5.94
1-1/4" Round Pipe Cap for Maxim models Replacement burn chamber gasket only for M175 models and Bio-Advantage models. Replacement Paddle Switch for Maxim Auxiliary Auger Kits.
Burn Chamber Gasket Only - Maxim 250/255 P Harness, Jumper, Maxim M175 Snap Disc, 185°-200°F
Snap Disc, 185-200F
Our price: $7.77
Burn Chamber gasket only for Maxim M250/M255 P models. Replacement jumper harness for Maxim 175 models if 2000314 or 9423 was used. Snap Discs are Dual Fuel replacement snap discs. Part 4099 is the center disc. (p/n 5712 is for the left and right side discs)

Can be used with Classic or Maxim models
Ignitor Spark Plug Wire - Maxim 250/255 P Inspection Window Component, 2" x 3" for Maxim s/n M2000064 and higher Resistor Cap, E-Classic Ignition Ready/Dual Fuel models and Maxim Gas Ignition models
19" ignitor spark plug wire only for Maxim M250 and Maxim M255 P models. Inspection Window, 2" x 3" for Maxim M250 and Maxim M255 P models serial numbers M2000064 and higher. Replacement resister cap for ignitor wire/cable used on Maxim gas ignition models and E-Classic Ignition Ready/Dual Fuel models.
Power Cord Hopper Lid Shock Corn Aerator Paddle Kit, M255/250
Power Cord
Our price: $13.45
Hopper Lid Shock
Our price: $14.86
May be used to wire pumps when installed on furnaces.  Includes strain relief. Replacement Hopper Lid Shock for M175 or M250/M255 P/PE models. Kit for adding paddles to aerator for burning corn for M250, M255 P, M255 PE models. Kit requires welding paddles to existing aerator. Paddles on the aerator are wear items; kit includes two additional paddles.
Cleaning Rod for Maxim models Transformer Fuse Kit - Maxim M250/M255 P models Door Latch, M250/M255, Terra Brown
Cleaning Rod tool used to clean the burn chamber on Maxim models. Protects transformer from short circuit.  For M250/M255 P models. Replacement door latch for Maxim 250 & 255 P/PE models - terra brown/taupe series
Door Latch, M250/M255, Bottle Green Ignitor - Maxim M175, Gas Burner Relay
Our price: $20.14
Replacement door latch for Maxim 250 models with serial #M200912 and up and serial #M200792. Also for Maxim 255 P/PE models - bottle green/olive gray series
Ignitor, Gas Burner, for Maxim M175 models. Relay