DIWH Heating, LLC is a family owned company formed in 2012 with a mission to help our customers with their heating and energy needs. Our primary focus is helping individuals and contractors build a radiant heating system that is efficient and cost effective. We assist by providing the materials, designing the system and providing consultation during the project. Our other focus is our Central Boiler outdoor wood/pellet furnaces. Central Boiler furnaces offer some of our customers an alternative to a traditional heating system that interfaces well with our heating systems. We offer only the best quality products available in the market today. Call us for a free consultation today, we look forward to hearing from you!

Ramsey Russell - Owner/Sales and Production Manager
Ramsey's desire to become self-reliant and "grid" independent led him to want to help others do the same. He enjoys working with families and businesses to meet their heating and alternative energy needs. Ramsey has an engineering and finance education and has many years of heating system design experience to help you with your heating needs.

Laura Russell - Owner/Operations Manager
Laura joined the company full-time in 2017 to assist with product expansion and internet marketing. Laura has a B.S. in Finance and a MBA with an emphasis in Management Information Systems. Laura has worked in financial institutions for over 20 years including her own CPA practice. She has a passion for making radiant heating available to everyone.

Mark Russell - Design Consultant
Mark joined DIWH Heating, LLC in 2019. Mark has many years of design experience in the construction industry as has a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from California State Polytechnic University Pomona, CA. Mark assists Ramsey with the radiant heating design process and also is responsible for our website maintenance.

Tony Davidson - Assembly Technician Lead
Tony joined DIWH Heating, LLC in 2020 and is responsible for the production of our radiant heating control panels. He has his BA in Criminal Justice from Corbin University.

Christine Russell - Project and Customer Service Manager
Christine joined us in 2022 to oversee and implement our CRM system and assist in various company projects. Christine has her BA in business from Lewis & Clark State college and has experience in Marketing.

Contact us:
DIWH Heating, LLC
P.O. Box 185
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Phone 208-946-5550

Our mission is to provide the best service and quality products to customers looking for heating solutions for their home or business.