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We offer the Central Boiler lines of outdoor wood furnaces to heat your entire property, whether you are in the country or city, utility-connected or off-grid.

Heat your home, shop, water, greenhouse, hot tub, pool and more with a Central Boiler® outdoor wood furnace.

Available in wood and pellet versions with high EPA Certified efficiencies, you will feel warmer and more confident than ever knowing that you are heating with one of the most economical fuels available while keeping the wood, smoke and mess outdoors. And heating with wood just makes sense because it is renewable and carbon-neutral.

How Central Boiler outdoor furnaces work:
Simply put, Central Boiler outdoor furnaces burn wood or pellets to heat a jacket of water. The water is transferred via well-insulated piping called ThermoPEX from the furnace to your home or building. Once inside the water pipe is connected to your existing heating system. Water transfers its heat by direct circulation or by moving through one or more heat exchangers (or both) to interface with forced-air, radiant baseboards and radiators or radiant floor heating systems. This allows you normal thermostatic temperature control.

Central Boiler is North America's largest manufacturer of outdoor furnaces. Central Boiler products are made in the USA with its manufacturing plant located in Greenbush, Minnesota. Throughout their history (whose roots trace back to 1984) they have been recognized as a leader in their industry. They have accumulated a long list of industry "firsts" and offer tech savvy product features such as remote monitoring of your furnace.

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