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Heating Products
Heating your property cleanly, efficiently and economically is our goal. We offer a variety of products that will heat your living space with radiant floor heat, baseboard heaters, radiators, forced air systems (both central and individual space heaters) as well as your domestic hot water. If you happen to be off-grid or just want to use the lease amount of power possible, we have solutions for that as well.

Using a heat exchanger is one of the most common ways of transferring the heat from the outdoor wood furnace to your heating system. One of the great benefits of heating with water is that whatever heat is not used is returned to the furnace water jacket to be recycled and reused.

A plate water-to-water heat exchanger can be used to interface with a radiant heating system, a swimming pool/hot tub or simply to separate the water in the furnace from the water in the rest of the heating system. We have stainless, copper brazed heat exchangers ranging in size for a water heater (standard and on-demand types) all the way up to commercial-sized applications. Our plate heat exchangers for swimming pools and hot tubs are special stainless steel units with applications from hot tubs all the way up to 80,000 gallon pools.

A tube and shell water-to-water heat exchanger can be used where a plate heat exchanger typically would be used, but most often is used on the side of a standard water heater to heat domestic hot water throughout the heating season. We have tube and shell heat exchangers with threaded and sweat fittings and threaded and push-fit installation kits.

A water-to-air heat exchanger can be used to interface with a central forced air system or inside space heaters such as what is found in a shop or in a wall. Standalone heat exchangers are available in sizes from 50K Btus to 220K Btus including two sizes specifically designed to interface with the forced air systems found in manufactured homes. Also available are wall heaters ranging from 7K Btus to 26K Btus.

Baseboard heaters and radiators are two other popular ways of heating. Both use the furnace water to radiant heat into the room without a fan. Radiators can be setup to effectively provide an independent heating zone at each unit (such as one in each room) without using additional pumps and thermostats while baseboard heaters can be linked together and tied to thermostats for zoned, automatic heating over larger areas of the building.

It is very common to have a system that uses more than one type of heating system. Perhaps radiant in-floor heat is best for the main floor while baseboard heaters are best for the second. Maybe the home is heated with a central forced air furnace while the shop is heated with a suspended space heater.

Call us today so we can help you determine the best way to heat your property and water.
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O-Ring Hot Water Sediment Trapper Filter, 3/4" FPT
Our price: $2.79
O-Ring, replacement for hot water sediment trapper filter (part number 2900578). Hot Water Sediment Trapper Filter, 3/4" FPT. Centrifugal separation technology and 100 mesh filter element. Amber see-through cover easily removeable for cleaning using no tools. Bottom valve used to empty sediment. Stainless steel screen filter is cleanable and reusable. Rated to 200F (93C) @ 40 psi. Dimensions: 14-3/8"L x 5"W. Port size: 3/4" FPT.