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Efficiently and comfortably heat your home with Radiant Floor Heating. Radiant floor heating keeps your toes warm, is quiet and clean (no loud vents blowing air and dust around) and is the MOST efficient way to heat your home or business. Systems can be up to 50% more efficient when compared to forced air systems (depending upon how well insulated the building is).

Your time is valuable. Whether you want to save time in order to get onto the next big project, simply want an easier method of installing your floor or are a builder or a do-it-yourselfer, you will find value in the products we offer designed to make the radiant floor installation process simpler for everyone.

EZ Floor and Creatherm Radiant Panel Flooring Systems - combines EPS Closed-Cell Foam Board with a Moisture Barrier and Radiant Tube Holding knobs for concrete slabs. Two by four foot panels snap together to cover the ground (slab-on-grade) or sub-floor (slab above grade) and tubing is easily installed by "walking" it in. Get a perfect layout pattern quickly and easily without hours on your knees tying tubing to rebar or mesh. Use for homes, garages, snow melts, greenhouses and anywhere you want to heat a concrete slab. Plus, purchase an EZ Floor or Creatherm radiant floor system and receive a FREE radiant circuit design layout to make installing the radiant lines a breeze.

Rad Board Modular Hydronic Radiant Heating System - for above sub-floor radiant systems when concrete is not used. Rad Board is a 2' x 2' x 3/4" aluminum-backed panel in three patterns that allows you to install 1/2" radiant tubing above your sub-floor and directly under your flooring. Unlike staple-up solutions, you can achieve any layout pattern you need in each room, work with gravity when installing and easily confine your patterns within each zone. Rad Board is one half to one third the cost of competitors' products and with the three universal patterns, allows easy installation with very little onsite customization.

EZ-Route - makes Pex and PE-RT organization simple. Ideal for concrete in-floor radiant heating and domestic water supply, EZ Route Pex/PE-RT channels save time and give a finished, professional look.

All-In-One Radiant Manifolds - a complete set of supply and return manifolds containing shut-off ball valves, temperature gauges, drain/fill valves, air relief vent, flow indicators, balancing valves, compression fittings for 3/8", 1/2" or 5/8" Pex/PE-RT tubing and wall mount make installing radiant floor tubing and water lines easy.

Pre-Built Radiant Panels - there are a lot of variables in designing the right radiant panel for your heating system. Are you using an outdoor wood furnace or a boiler or both?
Do you need one or multiple zones? Do you want to use antifreeze in one section but not another or different kinds of antifreeze? Are your zones on one or multiple floors? Will you be heating living areas, shops, snow melts or a combination of these? Do you want to place your manifolds at the panel or close to the remote zones they are heating? Do you need high temperature zones (baseboard heat and radiators) and low temperature (radiant floors) zones on the same system? Are you off-grid and need to reduce power consumption as much as possible? We can help. We can design and build a radiant heating panel to address your specific needs. Receive a pre-built panel designed to plug into your heat source and floor Pex or PE-RT lines or manifolds, fill and you're ready to go. Call us today to discuss your project and receive a custom quote.