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A pre-built custom heating panel can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on your next heating project.

By having us pre-build a panel based on your exact specifications, all you need to do is mount it to the wall and connect the heat source and heating zones.

Usually built for radiant floor systems, our heating panels work equally well with baseboard heaters and radiators as well as hybrid projects. For example, a system using radiant floors in some areas of the building and baseboard heaters in others is a very common application.
These two heating methods require different temperatures of water, so we design the panel to supply the necessary temperature of water to the respective zone.

Our pre-built custom panels can be designed with the following considerations:

1) Pressurized or unpressurized

2) One or more heat sources with one or more heat source temperatures (such as an outdoor wood furnace and a backup gas boiler)

3) One or more heating zones

4) One or more types of heating (such as radiant floor, baseboards, radiators and forced air space heaters)

5) Low power components for cost savings or off-grid installations

The cost savings of installing a pre-built custom panel versus an installer assembling the system components onsite can be up to 50%.
We use the latest copper press technology to make the panels compact and attractive. Plus, we use computer software to design radiant Pex or PE-RT layout designs for the most efficient use of your materials and to take the guesswork out of running the lines.

Unlike other one-size-fits-all heating panels available online, our heating panels are designed to your specific project with the correct flows, head pressures and pump sizes for maximum efficiency. We take pride in the quality of not only our heating panels, but the entire design process resulting in a single-sourced system that will provide years of comfortable warmth.

If you are thinking about a radiant or other water-based heating system, consider our heating consulting services that combine our system design, our EZ Floor or Creatherm radiant floor insulation panel system, our Rad Board above sub-floor radiant panel system and our pre-built custom heating panels.

View some examples here.

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